Looking at Coppermine and WTH

I’m looking at Coppermine. I’ve been looking for some kind of gallery to go with with my blog and website, just as a pic dumping ground and Coppermine looks like it does this, looks nicer than Gallery and also acts as a subject catagorised file repositry. Thats great. I haven’t actually installed it yet though. This post, like many of my recent ones, is just to remind me to look at it when the uni stuff is over and I have a job lined up.

This kind of thing is more useful since I’ve been thinking about stuff for What The Hack, assuming it goes ahead, for places to dump photos and other so that people can see what I’m up to while I’m there. Other things include a a wiki for me to scratch my ideas down on and maybe a live webcam but I don’t fancy carrying my webcam around when I’ll already be loaded down with stuff and I certainly don’t like my chances of trying to secure my username and password to an ftp server while sitting in a field full of some of most capable computer security experts in Europe who are all drunk and stoned…

Still I’d like to think of something really cool to do at or for WTH. Something really cool. Ideas to the usual address or in the comments.