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Got a new job today, just found out so I thought I’d let everyone know.

As of the 6th June I will be a junior Linux Systems Administrator for a secure web services company in Telford called erm… Secure Web Services.

As most of you will know, I am currently penniless so this is a big deal to get my ideal job so quickly. I’m really looking forward to it.

Wages are pretty good, I’m not going to broadcast it here, but provided they are happy with my progress I’ll be getting a pay rise in 3 months. The first month will essentially be intense training to get me up to speed and then I will be regular, non-junior team member being as much responsible for things as everyone else. They are a smallish company so I will be getting more or less 1 to1 training.

Also involved will be PHP, databases, networking, security and all manner of other things aswell as administering Linux servers. Being a smallish company means there will be a lot more variation involved and I will have to be quick to adapt to new challenges, I won’t be stuck continuously doing the same repetitive task, which I guess is essential in maintaining my interest. I love fast moving environments, I much prefer that to being one of thousands of cogs in an engine where I am just doing the same thing all the time.

For the moment, I have an assignment to finish off for this evening so I’ll be off. Being busy as always and now having to sort my entire life out by the end of next week so I can start work, I would prefer to recieve over inflated congratulations, ego massaging and promises of sexual favours by email rather than phone so I can crack on and reduce my todo list down from around 15 things to 1 or 2.

Woo! I rule 🙂

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