So who am I? My name is Adam Sweet, I’m a Linux Sysadmin and consultant, from Wolverhampton in the middle of England.

I was a professional musician for around 5 years and then after a few career changes, I came to computers late at the age of 23. I had a SInclair Spectrum and ZX81 when I was a kid but music pushed that out of the way in my teens. I learned fast and within a year of getting my first PC, discovered Linux and decided to do a Computer Science degree at the University of Wolverhampton. I realised at university that I was far more interested in the systems and networking side than programming. I’ve been using Linux since late 2000. I use Ubuntu as a desktop with Debian and CentOS on various servers and OpenBSD firewalls.

I was an avid listener of LugRadio until I became one of the presenters in mid 2007. LugRadio is an multiple award-winning, leading Open Source podcast, mixing topical content, interviews and Open Source discussion over a backdrop of inappropriate humour. LugRadio had a cult following of over 15,000 regular listeners, received over 2 million downloads and was voted the top Linux podcast by Linux Format magazine. I was also one of the organisers of LugRadio Live, the only annual Linux community event in the UK at the time. With heavy heart we took the decision to end LugRadio in the summer of 2008.

These days I run a Linux/Open Source consultancy called Transitiv Technologies Ltd. If you need help with Linux or Open Source, particularly network monitoring, give us a call.

Away from computers and Linux, music is my big thing. I play guitar but I’m a bass player by trade. My musical preferences are pretty eclectic and mostly British (whether this is a consequence of culture or taste I don’t know), I like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Stiff Little Fingers, The Who, The Stone Roses, The Sundays, Sugar, The Blake Babies and Bob Marley. Being into The Clash meant I listened to punk a lot, but also a lot of what we call(ed) Indie music in the UK. I won’t try to explain it for non-Brits, it’s steeped in British social idiosyncrasy.

Politically, I’m a leftist-liberal according to The World’s Smallest Political Quiz, which is pretty correct (socially aware, financially inept?).

I like Linux, guitars, The Clash, nice food, sleeping and good films. I used to really like beer but it really doesn’t like me much the day(s) afterwards so now it’s very rare. I grow and eat a lot of chillies.

I dislike most rude people, dealing with customer services, private car parking enforcement companies and fizzy drinks.

My heroes are Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and Joe Strummer.