Been Doing

Lots of things.

After my blogathon on Monday, I spent all night searching for and emailing people about jobs. Thanks to all those who replied. Including Jono who wants me to take his dog for a crap every lunchtime until I find an IT job.

Yesterday I spent a few hours looking at the job responses, listened to LUG Radio season 2 episode 16, read a few blogs and then spent the rest of the day until about 3am working on my assignment.

To be honest it wasn’t that hard, I compiled Apache about a month ago but got stuck when my assigned port number was wrong. Then when I was given the right port number, I set up the virtual hosts wrong and was getting forbidden errors. Mostly I just did some reading of the Apache docs which got me on the right road and I set the rest of the stuff up with a bit of hacking.

Awstats was a pain in the arse to set up as it doesn’t seem to take any notice of where you tell it to put the config files so I had to hack the script itself to use the right path. Maybe I ought to file this as a bug. I have much pretty done most of the A, B and C grade stuff with the exception of setting up SSI with the X Bit Hack. I also need to set up a cron job to update awstats. I might also do a few extra A grade bits and pieces, just to make sure of the highest possible grade. I hope to do that today along with the D grade stuff, before I go to the Wolves LUG meeting tonight and give a most likely drunken [to the tune of Blue Moon] bom be be bom be bom be bom bom be be bom be be dang a dang a dong ding a dang a ging-a-ling a lift home.

After the meeting or tomorrow I hope to finish off any residual bits of the assignment and tidy up the html pages to be actually reasonable in appearance. After that I can get back to talking to people about their suggestions and offers of jobs applications, to filling in the million forms I have for uni, try to get back to the doctors and selling to things to raise some cash.

Thankfully some money raised by my Internet sales has transferred into my account which means I have some money for my sister and I to take my parents for a meal as their birthday presents (both are within a week of each other and my mum was away for hers) and also cover some of the upcoming bills for next month.

Sorry if this is a little dull, but it’s just an attempt to document what I’m doing to see whether I really am busy and doing a lot of stuff or just thinking I’m busy and not really doing anything.

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  1. We’ve got awstats running for a customer. David set it up so he may well be able to help if you ask him nicely

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