The bomb explosions in London have freaked me out.

It’s easy to think, as I have done, that it’s a shame for the people caught up in such incidents like the Madrid bombings and the World Trade Center aeroplane collisions and sit there watching, feeling like it’s a million miles away and that something like that could never affect you personally.

I was listening to the radio as the news reports came trickling in. As the details started to flow, I began to read the BBC News website and I felt a sudden urge to cry as I read the details of what had happened and it occured to me how close to home it all was. It could have been my friends. It could have been me and my girlfriend on a weekend trip. It took me until around 1:30pm to realise that 2 of my close friends live in London, 1 only over the road from Euston train station, the departure point of the bus that exploded which was full of people as the tube had already been closed down. Thankfully I heard from the friend that lives by Euston that she was fine. I still haven’t heard from my other friend, but as far as I know she doesn’t work in the city centre any more.

Anyway, my heart goes out to anyone affected. I can’t bear to think how it must feel to be still waiting to hear from your loved ones.