I finally moved to WordPress 1.5.x. Hopefully this will reduce the weight of comment and trackback spam I’m getting. I’ve held back from doing this as I didn’t want to break my theme, but I then found Tom Raftery’s version. Applause to Tom.

This means comments are enabled again on new posts.

I hope to add my hackergotchi to the heading and so on but that can wait for now.

In the meantime I plan to install Coppermine before I fall asleep so I’ve got somewhere to put my LUG Radio Live photos. A post is forthcoming about LRL but I’ve been far too busy rebuilding my PC to write one.

Update: photo gallery of LRL is here and the photos taken on my phone from the night before are here.

One thought on “Upgrade

  1. Hope you went to version mate. Their is a security issue with earlier versions. I shall be updating mine from 1.5 to real soon 🙂

    Nice one Ad

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