1 day to go

Until LUG Radio Live 2005 😀

Now all I have to do is:

  • Decide which distro will be best for sound recording on the server my employers are lending me for the weekend
  • Install it
  • Get my soundcard out of my desktop and put it in the server
  • Make sure there are no sound recording problems on that distro
  • Build a machine for the Wolf ET clan gaming
  • Get all of my spare monitors out of the garage
  • Pack up my network equipment and tools for transporting to LRL
  • Get a shiny game show host outfit from a fancy dress hire shop
  • Borrow my dad’s digital camera
  • Set up a Coppermine repo for photo sharing on the day
  • Meet the LUG Radio massive in the pub

Not too much to do in 4 hours then…