Ubuntu Jingle released

It’s not great, it’s not pretty but I have finally made the Ubuntu jingle for LUG Radio. To be honest, after all the fanfare thats been made about it, it’s not even very good.

You can download it from here.

Well it’s been a nightmare to produce. 3 soundcards, 5 machines and 3 operating systems have been used during the process (Ubuntu, Dynebolic and ahem… Windows (for testing my soundcard against Linux)). It’s taken me 3 and a half months to get around to finishing it. Mostly due to other commitments, but there was a great deal of hassle with soundcards and machines.

The final version was done under Dynebolic Linux, although the drum track was made under Hydrogen in Ubuntu. It’s a completely open source project. Unfortunately Ubuntu just did not like recording a live voice from a microphone.

Well there it is. It’s done. Maybe sometime in the future I will get around to cleaning it up a bit. The vocal tracks need compressing and probably a bit of EQing as the B’s of Ubuntu tend to boom a little. In fact I just remembered that I didn’t add any echo or reverb so it will sound pretty dry. Perhaps for v 0.2?

In short it’s a bit crap and it’s been a pain in the ass to do, but I did it. At last.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Jingle released

  1. glad i finally found the original after having heared it on the lugradio show. great work. are you going to do a version using the lyrics posted on the list?

    Way down deep in the middle of the Congo
    Mark Shuttleworth took Debian, Gnome two-point-ten and Galago
    He stuck it with the others and they danced a dainty tango
    Matt Zimmerman said “I know! We’ll call it Ubuntu!”

    Ubuntu, Ubuntu, they drink it in the Congo…

    greetings, eMBee.

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