Waiting for Christmas

Well not quite, but it seemed like that.

My replacement hard disk arrived on Tueday so I spent all night juggling disks and partitions. I moved around 70GB of data around and now have my 160GB hard disk as /home. The next step is to move the rest of the system onto the 60GB disk that used to be /home without doing a reinstall. If my calculations are correct, this shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve never done this before but it should essentially be a case of booting from a live CD, mounting the partitions and moving the data across as I did before with /home. I will need to edit /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.list and then make sure that whatever will be primary master hard disk has grub on it. I will also double check that /boot/grub/device.map makes sense for how the disks are layed out.

The next morning, after just over a week of waiting, my broadband connection got upgraded to 2Mb. Woo! In that afternoon I downloaded Fedore Core 3, FreeBSD 5.4 for Sparc, OpenBSD 3.7 for Sparc, BeOS Developer Edition 1.1, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Services for Unix (both free via uni ;)), VM Ware Workstation 5.0 for Linux and Crossover Office 4.2. Most of this is just to play with :). In a week I will get Debian Sarge for Sparc and x86 and Fedora Core 4 provided there aren’t any further release delays.

I’m getting close to sorting out my uni mess. I have now been passed on to a 4th person who is the Associate Dean of the school. Can’t get much higher without a resolution. I also have a doctors note to back up my claims. With a bit of luck this will all be resolved by Wednesday morning. It looks like I will be allowed to finish my project over the summer and my remaining modules next year. God damn it’s been a long haul to sort all of this out, nearly 2 months. At times I thought it would all just fall apart and I would end up debt-ridden and unqualified. Thank fuck it’s nearly over and I have a new job.

My current todo list is 50 items strong. They’re not all critical to be honest and a lot are just little personal projects, but at least 8 require either immediate attention or attention within a week and probably another 10 or 15 are for my project. Meh.

Well anyway, I have to go. Item #51 is revise for my exam tomorrow afternoon.