I’ve been looking at VoIP recently after hearing a lot and then reading Ade’s VoIP posts and have installed the Ubuntu Linphone package. It didn’t seem to work at first as I couldn’t contact the sipomatic test program, but then, the manual didn’t say that I had to start sipomatic manually before making the test call. So I did just that – started sipomatic manually, called it and it worked. Yay. Sadly I don’t have anyone to talk to that I know of and I have to work out how to get it through my smoothwall. I don’t fancy trying to set up a sip proxy so that the outside world can talk to me.

I might have a look at Skype, just to see what the difference is. Yeah, yeah, let the free software people rain down on me with complaints. I just want to see how it compares. I’d also like to look at asterisk@home at some point, as it’s all employable skills, but I’m a little too busy at the moment.