In Business

I guess it’s pretty clear that I don’t really blog any more. There have been more important things going on for the last year or so and I don’t really have my finger on the Linux/Open Source pulse these days, so there’s no great incisive commentary for me to make on what’s been going on, there are people far better informed to deal with that stuff, like the Open Rights Group for example. If you really feel the need, you can absorb my devastating barbs of social comment via Twitter. I’m @adamdsweet. You’re not missing too much though. Regarding blogging though, the world moved on to other things and so did I.

About a year ago, along with some business partners, I set up my own business¬†as I’ve been threatening to¬†for some time. Although I tailed off some time before that, that’s the primary reason I’m not much of a blogger these days.

My company, Transitiv Technologies Ltd, specialise in Linux and Open Source support. We do a lot of network monitoring in particular, but lots of other things too. So, to end this shameless plug, if you need training, support, development or consultancy for Linux or any Open Source application we support, then please give us a call.