Phone This Guy

419 email  received today:


I am quite aware of the impact strange e-mails like mine do have on persons especially when they are unsolicited for, I must therefore apologize for intruding.

However, I am getting in touch with you as regards the assets of a client (deceased) who you share the same family name. He served as a contractor for Jiyeh Power Station Lebanon until the power station was bombed by the Israeli air force during the Israel-Lebanon conflict in 2006 (leading to his death).

I am Geoffrey Owen. I work as an investment adviser for an assets management firm. It is our responsibility to locate the family of the deceased and pass on the assets by intestate succession. I advise you to contact me ASAP seeing that the assets are about to be confiscated to the Her Majesty Treasury if nobody comes forward for it.

I patiently await your response. I can be reached at 011 (44) 787 228 2424 or +(44) 787 228 2424 for further discussion

I appeal for your tolerance if my message is contrary to your moral ethics. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Geoffrey Owen.”

I would love somebody to phone this guy.

3 thoughts on “Phone This Guy

  1. How do you know it’s “his” number and not some unsuspecting persons number that you’ve published?

  2. A dude called Duane Browning did a bit of a background on this, since the mobile number in the spam has been used for other bits and bobs too:

    It would have been really funny if it wasn’t so damn irritating…

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