Good Days

After my last blog post quite a few people have been in touch to check I’m ok… and I am. Genuinely. It’s been a difficult, stressful few months but I’m back in the saddle now, in fact I’ve been positively buzzing for about a month. I don’t know whether it’s the good weather or the fact I have a fantastic new MP3 player after a few months without one, but I’ve been feeling back to my usual intelligent, witty self, even on not such good days. That last post was probably the first very good day I’d had in a long time and for the record, the day after was just as good, as have most others since.

So, thanks to everybody who cared, I really do appreciate it.

One thought on “Good Days

  1. I’m glad to hear it old bean.

    When I’m sad Hookers and class A drugs always make me feel better too!

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