Dark Days, Baby

It’s been a difficult time recently, a lot has happened and you’ll have noticed my tail off in blogging. In the last few months I got a cat, bought a house, broke up with my girlfriend, made my first Ebay sale, thought I was cracking up, didn’t crack up, thought I was cracking up again, been miserable, been happy, slept a lot, not slept very well at all, wished I’d become a plumber, had a depressed 4 day hangover, been unsociable, thought I was the loneliest, saddest individual ever, thought I was weird, thought I was great, had a good laugh and watched too many films.

Today has been a good day. Work has me under pressure quite a lot, we’ve got some big things going on and it’s burning me out. I’ve not taken any holiday yet and we’re half way through the year, I’ve found it difficult to switch off and get to sleep, which is a problem I encountered before when I was working too much and not taking any holiday. I’ll lie awake, half asleep but never actually drifting off, with my mind processing solutions to things I’m doing at work. Not a good state to be in on top of a major relationship break-up.

Today was a good day because my sleeping pattern slips at the weekends, without having to get up in the morning I’ll work into the early hours on things that I don’t get to do in the week, then you get up late and feel terrible all day. Last night I made myself stop and go to sleep at a normal time, so today I got up at a normal time and went out shopping with my new MP3 player in the bright, warm sunshine. Warm, sunny weather always makes me feel better, so today I felt much more like the bright and confident individual I am, with an added bounce in my step thanks to the fantastic sounds in my ears. These days come only once every 2 months or so recently. I’ve always envied people who have those days every day.

There have been some pretty dark days over the last 3 months, but today was a good day. Let’s hope tomorrow is too.

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  2. Sorry to hear that things have been a bit iffy. Don’t be a stranger – pick up a phone if you need anything.

  3. Found your butt plug hun! Timmy taranchula says he can’t wait to see you again after last night.

    PS. Do you still need that dustbin bag and brick?

  4. You should seriously look into the meaning of bipolar disorder. This comment is not meant to diagnosis, treat, or otherwise infer any medical knowledge.

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