LUG Radio Bastards!

The latest episode of LUG Radio came out today, Season 2, episode 10, their 1st anniversary episode. Congratulations guys 🙂 I’m listening to it right now.

As usual it’s a massively feature packed episode, not confined to talking about the Hula Project, LUG Radio Live, GNU Classpath (an open source Java implementation), talking to Jeff Waugh about Kubuntu and loads of other stuff.

Aside from all of this, I am publicly barracked (bare in mind that the last episode got about 14,000 downloads) for my failure to produce the Ubuntu jingle that I promised nearly 8 weeks ago and it is claimed that I blame it all on Linux. Not strictly true.

I blame it on my crap soundcard, on Creative for making 2 completely different Soundblaster Lives and then ALSA for not specifiying that there are is more than one Soundblaster Live, one which works and one which is under development using a different driver – to which end I checked compatibility and not realising there was 2, bought the wrong one. Bleh.

But in the spirit of the show I will take the boiled down version of the facts on the chin. I still haven’t fucking done it.

LUG Radio Bastards!

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