Ubuntu Jingle Update

After getting annoyed with the frustratingly fiddly process of getting some kind of decent input from my microphone via my soundcard and trying Dynebolic on various machines which run out of RAM as it’s a live CD or stutter because the audacity project is running from a USB micro hard disk (ie slow read/write access) I have bought a new sound card. It takes so long to check this and that with such granularity that by the time I come to the conclusion that I need to mount the hard disk to put the files on and run it from there it’s either midnight and I have to abandon it and go to sleep or I have more important uni work to do. So it was just easier to buy a new soundcard for my main desktop as recommended by Ant in my comments for the original Ubuntu Jingle post.

So on his advice I now have a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live on it’s way. After a bit of research I believe it uses the emu10k module.

Hopefully this will be the end of my complaining and I can get this jingle finished. Either way, I was starting to have other problems with this sound card, I just never worried too much about them before. For example when playing music files the sound would rise and dip randomly. It really is obviously a crap soundcard.

As my cousin once said to me, unless you’re doing real sound work, the soundcard is the last thing anyone ever upgrades. And it is.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Jingle Update

  1. Wow. The famous Bruno 😀

    I hope to finish in the next 2 weeks. My new soundcard arrives on the 28th February and I hope to finish recording within a week of that.

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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