Blogging is bad for your academic productivity

Trust me I know. My performance has nosedived since I started reading blogs. Admittedly I am far more interested in what I am picking up from blogs than I am in writing right outer joins in Oracle’s not completely ANSI standard SQL dialect or the economic impact of IT globalisation and offshoring. There is no Linux on my degree. There is on the years that follow mine, my year was the last of the old degree scheme. Isn’t that really weird? In an era such as this my only academic contact with a non-Windows operating system is telnetting a Solaris server to use Oracle.

I’m a Linux guy and blogging is far more interesting. Just don’t tell my lecturers…

One thought on “Blogging is bad for your academic productivity

  1. I’m using Solaris Xpress to post in your blog ^_^. I installed it because I was bored of telnetting the solaris box located at my school all the time.

    The wednesday I have an exam about “outer joins, oracle, relational algebra and bla bla”. The last year I installed gentoo, debian, gentoo. This year I’m using Ubuntu… because I love my computer to work for me, instead of me working for my computer…

    Your NIC will work with Solaris Xpress. Solaris 9 & 10 will work too if you disable ACPI. ^_^ (I think). But…you better don’t install those pieces of crap }:-)

    And yes… bloggin is _damn_ bad for academic productivity. Playing with every OS that reaches your hands is bad too.

    I like your blog. Keep the good work 🙂

    erm… and sorry for my ugly english.

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