Linux at the forefront of a desktop graphics revolution?

Wow. Look at this post from Nat Friedman.

Xgl is a new X server using GL 3d acceleration. I think Nat’s blog explains it all better than I can.

I don’t know a great deal about graphics subsystems, but I think this kind of idea is just the kind of great thinking that will make Windows and Mac OS X users sit up and take notice. I know Microsoft have a lot of new graphics stuff in mind for Longhorn, but surely people will be using this first and this will probably far more powerful. OS X looks great but I’m not sure how far their graphics subsystem goes. Could it do stuff like this? I don’t think so.

Eye candy rules in desktop world. If I could demo the possibilities of this to my dad he’d want it and that means a lot to me, I want everyone to want Linux.

I meant to write something a little more profound than this, but just like Nat, I’m really tired – it’s late and my thoughts are just starting to slow down.

Just go look at it.