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I’ve watched a few films recently and so I thought I would share them with you, you lucky, lucky people.

The Producers

When I first saw this on the TV adverts, I thought it would be shit and then the idea started to grow on me so I went to see it. In a word – don’t. It irritated me so much that I walked out before the end of the second scene – the first scene after the intro and according to Radio 1 the day after, it seems I’m not the only one. It’s horrible, screechy and hideously over-acted to the point where it’s just too much and it’s worse than bad theatre. I just hated it. It’s true however that I don’t like musicals anyway and it never occurred to me that this was one, but it was just irritating.

Just Friends

I sneaked into this after walking out of the The Producers, as it was the only film still playing at that time, in fact it still hadn’t started so we saw the whole thing. If you like that American Pie, Road Trip and Without a Paddle kind of American high-school comedy then you’ll like this, it made me laugh hysterically in places. It also features the fabulous Amy Smart. If you don’t like those then you won’t like this. I have to say though, that in this case the lead male role was probably less of a likeable character than most of these kind of films, he wasn’t the kind of lovable dumbass, more a complete arsehole at times, but meh, these kind of films weren’t written with moral recompense in mind. Good mindless fun if you like that kind of thing.

March of the Penguins

I wanted to see this since mid-December when it first started attracting media attention after sending America into raptures, but it seems that it’s not on widescale release in the UK, even after the adverts claiming it was on show nationwide after an initial limited release at the end of last year. In fact it took a great deal of effort to see this.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it covers a year or so in the life of the Emperor penguins of the Antarctica, from leaving the sea and their 70 mile walk to their breeding ground, to finding a mate, breeding, nurturing the egg and the fight for survival of both the parents and their newly laid egg in the Antarctic winter. This a cute, lovable and informative film. If you like nature documentaries or have a heart at all, then you’ll love it. It wasn’t quite as heart rending as I was expecting, just a lot of giggles at the awkward, clumsy, fish-eating buffoons and lots of ahhs at the babies. Watch it if you can.

OK. I guess that’s it. Over and out.

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  1. The original producers is a wicked film and brilliant satire. you should probably attempt to hunt it out and watch where it all started.

    Springtime for hitler makes the musical interludes worthwhile 😉

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