Ahh you made it

Welcome to my new home. I dunno, I think it seems to happen about once a year, I get restless and start doing things. Last year it was setting up a blog and moving to Ubuntu, this year it’s buying some sensible domains names and moving everything around in a bid to take over the world with my Grand Master Plan.

So anyway, I bought adamsweet.org, adamsweet.net and adamsweet.co.uk. adamsweet.com is already taken and I emailed the guy about 2 months ago to say hi as we share the same name and he didn’t reply. My old website still exists and so does everything at that domain, like my blog, just that it’s all Apache virtual hosts now on my own server. Yeah, I got my own server at work, it’s not a powerhouse or anything, just an old server that was lying around in need of some parts replacing.

I decided some time back to buy the above domains and consolidating them all onto one server under my own control, I’m a sysadmin for chrissakes. Theres only so much you can do when you have 3 meg of disk space left and you run out of bandwidth 6 days before the end of every month. It’s like a statement of where I am in terms of my skills. As I said, last year it was setting up a blog and moving my desktop to Ubuntu. This year I have a clear plan of everything, I want my blog, a new website and my own mail set up, along with a stats viewer and a few other bits and pieces. Hopefully I will look back in about a years time and think how primitive it all is.

I’m about halfway there so far. My old website was a simple upload and Apache virtual host. My blog was the same, along with setting up the database and it’s prerequisites. I’ve still got to sort out the gallery as I didn’t bring the old one over as I wanted to get away from Coppermine and move over to Gallery. I originally chose Coppermine because it looked nicer and more featureful than Gallery, but now Gallery is looking good and Coppermine was just too awkward and I didn’t want to invest the time to learn to use it properly as it should be obvious how to use it in the first place. I want to do the mail system before I set up my new website. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to put there either. My blog says who I am and what I do and thats most of what I want to say. My old website is much of the stupid stuff I wanted to do when I was younger and it’s largely unmaintainable now. I think I’ll have to do all of the tutorials and stuff I’ve been threatening to do for years, even though I don’t have that much time these days.

Anyway, welcome to the other side.

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