apt-get update

Ok, well things have kind of settled down here a bit. My car is fixed (rotor arm replaced – fascinating ;)) I’ve made some good progress at work, though I have now have a whole bunch of new things to get around to, but hey it ain’t gonna happen for a week or so cos I got a week off 🙂

The house is kind of sorted, we have pretty much everything we need (yes, including a cheesegrater and a garlic press – what the hell was I on about?) and I get paid next week. I’m gonna spend next week straightening up my home office, the spare room, the shed and bits of the kitchen which are the only parts of the new house that are completely untouched by the hand of organisation.

My plans for after I get the office arranged are to get on with learning some Python, PyGTK, PHP and playing with Xen, Qemu and my Alpha Server which was given to me by Sparkes. I also want to get my teeth into the LPI syllabus, which I’ve been meaning to do for the last 2 years or so but never really gotten down to, but now I’ve decided it’s about time I get serious about it.

LUG Radio Season 3 has finally begun after what seems like a lifetime of waiting and episodes 1 and 2 of the new season are already out, plus planning for LUG Radio Live 2006 is already under way.

So I think thats about all for now. Incidentally if anyone has any advice on booting a Digital Alpha Server 800 5/400 from a Debian Woody Alpha installation CDROM, then I will be listening, my 2 attempts have been futile so far.

One thought on “apt-get update

  1. Rotor Arm! you fucking genius. I have a slight misfire on my engine that I thought was caused by the knackered exhaust. One new exhaust later the misfire is still with me so I thought the poor gas flow must have bunged up the plugs or something and not wanting to dirty my hands (and also not having the special tool required to change a spark plug these days) I chucked some cleaner stuff in the petrol, still the misfire. It can’t be anything serious because the engine was reconditioned just 9 months ago.

    I bet tomorrow a quick going over with something rough on the end of the rotor arm should have it firing again. Wicked 😉

    I can’t understand why we have a fucking computer controlling the ignition and then a bit of spinning metal doing the HT side of the thing.

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