If I Ruled the World

No, sadly this post isn’t going to be either profound or about how the world would a better place if I were in charge or anything. It’s going to be a little bit more self-congratulatory than that.

I’ve said before that it never ceases to amaze what people search for that brings up hits for my website. I was checking my apache stats again and the second biggest search hit that led to people to browse to my website was, after my name of course, “Windows is shit”.

That made me laugh a little so I did a quick check and I’m the top hit on Google for “Windows is Shit”.

Wow. That makes me really important 🙂 and possibly in danger of litigation…

4 thoughts on “If I Ruled the World

  1. See, that’s unfair. I reckon you should have a million posts on there from people complaining that Windows is shit and asking you how to fix it. Why do I get all the nutters? 🙂

  2. sil gets all the nutters on his blog because like attracts like 😉 If I was a 16 year old girl looking to lose her virginity on the casting couch a blog about javascript and linux would be the very place I would leave my phone number 😉

  3. I get the top hit on google for “halifax are shit”. Join the “lets get sued” party!
    I closed the comments on that post after people kept coming along and adding more tales of woe.

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