Google Talk

Ok everyone is on about it and it was only anncounced today, but I’m on Google Talk, the new Instant Messaging service from Google. You can add me – please only do so if we have spoken before.

You can use Google Talk on Windows with the Google Talk client, Mac with iChat or Gaim or Linux with Gaim.

Currently, voice is only available with the Google Talk client, but working is ongoing to add SIP support to Gaim which would mean that the rest of the world would be able to join in as Google Talk is built on the Jabber protocol.

It remains to be seen what Google Talk will offer that MSN Messnger, Yahoo Messenger and AIM don’t but I personally welcome the features that have been available elsewhere using proprietary software on my Linux machine using open source software. I hate using MSN Messenger.

In a related thought – why on Earth are people still using Windows?

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