The Secret Band

The band I mentioned a few weeks back, that are being looked after by my former band‘s lead singer with growing assistance from myself have been getting growing radio and news coverage. I will be responsible for the more business, communication and technology related side of things, while my former bandmate will be looking after the musical development and day to day handling (for the time being). I wrote a rather good press release a few weeks back and hope to put this with some good photos and a blistering 3 track demo CD, complete with ‘enhanced CD’ video footage which I can then tout to radio stations and record companies. I’m also probably going to be building and looking after the website and roping in people I know with expertise in graphic design and video editing.

These guys stand a great chance of breaking through if things go their way, they really are the only unsigned band I’ve heard in years that are good enough, they really surprised me as they all have quite serious behavioural and academic difficulties. It’s incredible how it all seems to work. I hope to be able to say more about them in the future, but it’s difficult at the moment as we’re trying to keep it under wraps due to the nature of the people involved while they develop and we get the surrounding infrastrucure in place to market them to A&R people. I’ll tell you all about them when we’re ready to go.