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As I sit here at the beginning of a long overdue week off work, stranded in Rugby after working late to finish a project and getting my car locked in the car park, my thoughts turn to my recently deceased 16 GB Cowon iAudio 7. I loved that thing. It was a fantastic player, near enough 60 hours continuous playback (honestly), tiny and like the rest of the iAudio range, it plays Oggs and the sound quality was excellent. None of that iPod bullshit for me πŸ™‚ We were planning to marry and raise a family.

My romance with Cowon started in 2006 or 2007 when I was looking for a portable media player that supported the Ogg format, which offers better quality and smaller file size compared to MP3 and is unencumbered by legal bullshit. On a recommendation I bought a Cowon iAudio X5 and was delighted with it, even though I never actually watched any movies on that ‘larger than anybody else but still quite pokey by today’s standards’ colour screen I paid unnecessarily for. It finally died last year when I dropped my bag on the connector which was propped upright, meaning it could no longer be attached to the charger or a PC and I’d just bought a replacement battery for it, having worn out the factory fitted one.

I drifted for a little while, with various vain attempts at glueing it back together making it worse until I came across this post by my evil twin Felim Whiteley about the iAudio 7. After asking a few suspicious questions I decided to buy one and was really, really happy with it, even more so than the X5. It works on Linux, it shows up as a USB storage device, it’s tiny, lightweight, the battery really does last the advertised 60 hours of playback, it plays Oggs and the sound quality is way better than an iPod. Then I dropped it last week and it wouldn’t turn on any more πŸ™

Having destroyed the screws with an over sized screwdriver, I had to get my dad to drill them down so I could prize it open, but having done so and re-connected the on-off button to the internal mechanism, either the fall did more damage than I thought or the drilling/reconnecting process damaged other stuff. It turns on but the screen is corrupted, it doesn’t play anything and well, the casing looks pretty shitty after being drilled in each corner. And I can’t find anyone who stocks a replacement. The last one was Β£116, but they’re out of stock now and so it seems are everybody else. What appears to be the replacement in the product line is the iAudio 9 (sometimes referred to as the i9 to differentiate it from the Cowon S9) and it seems to start around the same price as it’s predecessor, but is larger, less attractive to my eye and has half the battery life (though 30 hours isn’t bad, if they’re as honest with this one a they were with the iAudio 7).

So, the purpose of this winsome ramble is to solicit opinion. I need a new Ogg/MP3 player. Smaller would be better, Ogg playback is essential, looks not so important, 12-16 GB preferable, sound quality should be very good, battery life should be more than 24 hours, must show up as a mass storage device on Linux and understand when you copy new tracks to it without using some bullshit media player to update an internal database before it will notice you added new songs.

Specifically though, I’d like to hear your recommendations, particularly from owners of other Cowon models, other manufacturers who support Ogg and maybe, with hope in my heart, from anyone who has a 16 GB Cowon iAudio 7 they would like to sell πŸ™‚

Guess I’m going to end up buying an iAudio 9.

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  1. If you want to stay with Cowon I’d get another i7 if you can find one, or else a D2. I wouldn’t get the i9 because of its proprietary cable and the difficulty (so far at least) of getting replacement batteries (i7 also seems to have the battery problem). Replacement d2 batteries are easy to find.

    These days though I’d get a Sansa Fuze and run Rockbox on it. Cheap, battery life comparable to i9, and runs free software. Proprietary cable, but used on a bunch of different models so not too hard to replace.

  2. Ditto the Sansa Clip+ with MicroSD card, although the battery life may disappoint. It *just* covers a week of my daily commute (90mins daily) and the odd listen during the day before the battery runs out. Annoyingly you can’t listen to it either while it’s charging. Other than that, I would highly recommend it. And it’s dirt cheap. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve had a Cowon D2 for about 18 months+ which I bought because you raved about your Cowon!

    On the down side while it plays flash and videos (apparently, never used it) the screen is very small compared to your average smart phone, the digital radio reception rates as “not great but usable”, and the interface is not the most intuitive although again its usable. It also seems to max out at 8GB, but the SD card slot helps if you want to put every Clash track ever recorded on it.

    On the up side it has an fm and digital radio, plays ogg, flac etc, and has a surprisingly usefull notepad feature. It also appears as a usb storage device on linux, actually it appears as two, one for the 8GB internal storage and one for the SD card.

    It doesn’t need any additional software, use cp (or one of thoses new fangled guis) to copy files to it and when you disconnect it it will reboot, rescan itself and automatically add any new music to the internal database. Oh and it also charges off of usb which means one less charger to take on holiday. I’ve never measured the battery life but it claims 52 hours and is certainly way over 24hrs.

    In short its a great device and I’d happily have another one πŸ™‚

  4. I loved my iaudio 7 until someone broke the charging port on it. Replaced it with the S9 which i never really liked it. I played with a D2 for a few days, but wasnt that impressed. Im planning on getting the i9 as well.

    good luck.

  5. Ah man FFS you are killing me here! I’d meant to blog about the fact I dropped mine, or mashed it against my keys in my pocket and broke the media button… essentially turning it into an iPod shuffle-esque farce being unable to browse, only skip. Sent it off to Advanced MP3 players, they even gave me a French address to send it too and 2 weeks later had it all fixed…. I can picture big ass drill-bit chewing the poor thing to bits :'( Whhhyyyyy

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