Get the Ubuntu Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with the Windows Spec in the UK

I’m going to buy a netbook and I’ve been waiting for the Dell one since May or so when it was announced. When it was released it was Windows only. Now the Ubuntu one is out in the UK, it is slightly cheaper but the SSD is half the size and the webcam is lower resolution. What the hell is that all about? I want an SSD one so I can throw it in a bag and take it anywhere without worrying about the disk, otherwise I’d have bought the Advent 4211.

The Windows one has a 16GB SSD and the Ubuntu one has an 8GB SSD. The Windows one has a 1.3 MP webcam, the Ubuntu one is 0.3 MP and is only 30 GBP cheaper. Now I know the SSD size is roughly based on what the OS requires itself, but *I* need some storage too, around 8 or 10 GB. What are they doing, maintaining the illusion that Linux is cheaper than Windows by providing lower specs for the Ubuntu one, to account for the fact that Windows is discounted by Microsoft and is subsidised by all the craplets which come pre-installed?

I’m hopeful that this is just a kind of phased introduction, but I want an Ubuntu system with the same hardware as the Windows version soon or I’m just going to go buy an Asus Eee PC 901, but I like the Dell machine. Although the Eee spec is actually slightly better, the Eee has a smaller keyboard and doesn’t look quite as nice. I also want accessories like a carry case. You can get accessories with the Ubuntu Mini 9 in the US and you can customise the spec in almost every way. Why not here?

To make my feelings known I set up a Dell IdeaStorm post asking for just this and you can help. If you’ve been waiting for the Ubuntu version of the Dell Mini 9 too and were dismayed to find it with a lower spec than the Windows version, you can promote the point here, though note that it requires a sign-up. If they don’t match the specs and offer accessories like a carry case soon, I’ll just go and buy the Eee 901, it’s just cheaper if you go to the right place.

One thought on “Get the Ubuntu Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with the Windows Spec in the UK

  1. buy an Acer aspire 1 – much better keyboard than eeepc
    linux distro is Ok
    better value

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