Phone Decisions

After taking some opinion and weighing up specs, features, functionality and expandability, I decided to get a Nokia N95 8GB. My mobile provider didn’t have any and couldn’t tell me when they would so I requested my PAC code and prepared to move to somebody that had them for the same monthly contract.

However, it then struck me that the N96, which supersedes the N95, is due out in October, so I decided to hang on in there and reduce my tariff to £10 p/m while I wait for the N96 to hit the shelves. When it does I will return to my regular tariff and upgrade my handset to the N96.

Many thanks to everyone who offered advice 🙂

One thought on “Phone Decisions

  1. Good choice waiting for the N96! I used to have an original N95, but it got stolen and am now using an iPhone I got given, but think I will look at getting a N96 in a few months!

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