Call for Exhibitors for LugRadio Live USA 2008

The speakers schedule for LRL USA 2008 is really starting to shape up now and so we turn our attention to the exhibition area. We’re looking for people, companies, projects, distributions and organisations who are doing cool things with Linux, Free Software, Open Source, hardware and digital freedom issues that are willing to rock up to the Metreon Theater, San Francisco on the 12th and13th April 2008.

We’d like to hear from you if you have cool stuff to show off, shiny gadgets, interactive demos, hardware, games and so on are always winners but a stand with some literature and people who are willing to take the time to get chatting are also important if that suits your project better. We’re interested in cool people, diversity and fun stuff. It’s about the people not the megabucks, so you don’t need a marketing budget to be a valuable exhibitor at LugRadio Live. If you’re project is interesting, that’s all that is required, though if you need to blow a marketing budget, you could always become an event sponsor and help us provide extra facilities or gifts for our attendees, which means they will like you more 🙂

We’re also interested in hearing from people willing to host a BOF session, talks or suggest cool ideas for stuff we can at LRL USA 2008, which is out of the ordinary, as LRL is an extraordinary event.

Send in your suggestions for BOFs and talks or put yourself or your organisation forward as an exhibitor by emailing show at lugradio dot org and we’ll see you at the Metreon for the coolest geek out of the year.