KDE 4 Review and Interview in LugRadio S5E10

In Season 5 Episode 10 of LugRadio, ‘One Foot In The Grave’, Jono Bacon, Stuart “Aq” Langridge, Chris Proctor and back-from-the-dead Matthew Revell review the newly released KDE 4 and then speak to Aaron Seigo and Will Stephenson of the KDE project to discuss it, Jono tells us why it’s all about the community in the final LugRadio Top Trumps and the presenters discuss the Fish shell, K3B, everybody’s laptop working apart from Aq’s and a listener review of the Nokia N810. Also in this episode, a call for papers and exhibitors for LugRadio Live USA 2008 and don’t forget that you can win an Asus Eee PC in the Pimp My LugRadio competition, details in the show.

You can get all this lunacy, along with the chance to win an Asus Eee PC at http://www.lugradio.org/episodes/93.

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