LUG Radio Season 5 Episode 4: One From Four

In what is becoming a depressing ‘LUG Radio comes out more often than I blog’ situation, I am pleased to announce that Season 5, Episode 4 of LUG Radio, One From Four has been released into the wild:

It’s been a good few weeks for distro releases with Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora (beta) and Mandriva all releasing new versions but which ones best? The LUG Radio team talk to Adam Williamson from Mandriva then don asbestos suits and put all four through a series of real world tests in the LUG Radio Labs. We also discuss Internet Freaks, this week in the form of The Otherkin who believe they’re animals trapped in a human body and then the film BloodSpell – a film from the Machinima genre which uses a 3D game engine to create the animation, before we read out a selection of emails and forum posts from the LUG Radio hordes.

Before I leave you gentle reader, I must point that I as primary distro downloader for the test and also the reviewer of Mandriva, I downloaded and reviewed the wrong version. I downloaded the Mandriva Free edition which contains no proprietary drivers (NVidia, Intel wireless etc) or non-Free codecs, when I should have downloaded Mandriva One edition which contains the drivers I needed when I was bitching about the wireless support.

So with that in mind, download it from, Digg it here and vote it up the Slashdot Firehose here.