Sex Pistols Tickets

I have some for Manchester 🙂

I came across the fact that The Sex Pistols are touring in November purely by chance and that all of the tickets for the shows had been sold in 15 minutes, so they announced 2 more shows with tickets to go on sale 2 days later. I set an alarm for 5 minutes before they went on sale and managed to bag some. Woo!

Of course I will have to slightly overlook the fact that we are all swallowing our punk credentials by being old, fat and doing it for the money, but as this might be the last chance I get to see them play live, I’ll have to live with that. And that fact that I’ve just screwed my finances for the month will have to go down as a worthwhile hardship.

I just wish I had been able to see The Clash play before Joe Strummer died.

One thought on “Sex Pistols Tickets

  1. Adam, I also managed to get tickets but have six spare after mates pulled out for various reasons. Available for face value price of £40 each (inc. booking fees etc) if you know anyone who’s interested as I’d rather they went to a genuine fan. Email/call me if interested. Andy 07917098259

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