The Freedom March

LUG Radio Live registrations are now open. Tickets are 5 GBP up front or on the door, 3 GBP if you can mail show @ lugradio . org with the lamest reason you can think of and free entry for international travellers with a valid airline ticket and exhibitors. If you want to be part of the exhibition, do a 5 minute Light Bulb Talk, or tale part in the hour of power, then mail show @ lugradio . org.

There are forty speakers on three stages, Birds of a feather sessions, an exhibition, Adam Sweet’s Gong-A-Thong Lighbulb Talk Extravaganza, the Mass Debate, The Hour of Power, a dedicated evening event and some of the coolest, friendliest bunch of people in the world. LUG Radio Live really is all about the people and the community around the event. You’d be missing out not to be there.

In another announcement, we are proud to announce the The Freedom March video.

Please go ahead and link to it. Details on the page for downloads and links.

See you there 🙂