New Music Stuff

Woo. I got more new stuff.

First of all, I got a 12 string electro-acoustic guitar for Christmas, though sadly I’m not allowed to have it until Christmas which prompted a large sulk on the part of your truly.

Also, I picked up an old Hammond T500 organ yesterday via Freecycle. Wow, it’s huge and reeeeeeeally heavy. It looks and sounds like a church organ and I have no idea how to play it, though I have enough musical knowledge to know how to play chords etc. Will sounds great if I can find a use for it and get the sound how I want it. Think ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’, ‘The House of the Rising Sun’, The Doors and more recently, The Inspiral Carpets.

I may also be getting a drum kit on the cheap. Hopefully I will be able to find a bigger house on Freecycle for all of my crap.

2 thoughts on “New Music Stuff

  1. Hi Ad,

    Hope you are well. I know that this is all a bit “off topic” and all that but… well y’know.

    See ya later.

    Love the Horse

  2. Hey, I know this blog is really old, but just HOW heavy was the T-500? How many blokes are required to shift it? I’m picking up one for free in a couple of weeks, and I’ve found a nifty site giving instructions on modding it to sound more like a B3, with that Rock & Blues sound….
    So… How many guys do I have to enlist?
    Cheers. -B.

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