Been Around the World

Well actually haven’t but it feels like I have. I only went to Cyprus but it’s been chaos since I got back. It’s been a while so here’s a rundown.

Went to Cyprus, the Turkish part. It’s really nice, very peaceful where I went but you can see the place is in the middle of (re)development. It has suffered from under investment since the split with the Greek side but you get a sense that they are suddenly becoming aware of the income from tourism. Most of the place seems to be either run-down and covered in patches of debris or is being developed as fast as you can see, there are homes and apartments being built everywhere. Still, worse than British workers, there seem to be 7 or 8 people doing construction job and all but one of them are watching the other one do something small and fiddly.

I turned 30. I didn’t celebrate other than go for a meal with my family. Not that I was pissed off or depressed at my passing youth, merely that I just couldn’t be arsed. I really don’t feel like going out and getting wrecked these days, which was pretty much par for course during my late teens and 20s. Guess I’m getting old, but I can neither afford to waste money in such a way, nor waste the day afterwards recovering and more often than not, the day after that too. Some of my best friends also turned 30. Happy birthday to Rich, Adele, Anna, Joan, my nemesis Felim Whiteley who all share the same birthday as me and are also not listening apart from Felim probably. Hope you’re well my man, oh and by the way, someone left you a message in my comments. I can mail you his address if you don’t already have it.

I started doing a CCNA, funded by work, this is kinda cool but it’s all theory at the moment. I’m looking forward to playing with routers and stuff. It’s a real struggle to find the time to get my work done, especially with 2 or 3 weeks to catch up on after my holiday but I’m almost back up to date.

My mobile phone seems to be a bit fucked. The signal has always been a bit weak at home, but I’ve had calls drop out without signal problems and SMS messages that didn’t turn up. If you sent me a message and I didn’t reply then I can only apologise. Worse than this is the fact that the screen is now fuzzy in the top half and it’s a struggle to read messages some times. Ahh well, I’m not going to waste money I don’t have buying a new one when I’ll get a new one in March. Still I gotta wait for about 4 months with a dodgy phone.

I reinstalled my Ubuntu desktop with Edgy, which was kindly released on my birthday. The main reason was to make a clean sweep as both me and Aq wondered in the when we upgraded to Dapper whether we had missed out on some of the wizzy bits and pieces by doing so; and also to put my /home partition on Linux software RAID so I could play with it.

At work I’m busy as always. Top projects are still Asterisk, which I’ve been away from for quite a while, but which may well become quite important and a few other things. I have a number of “Dear Lazyweb” requests coming up so may well be asking for your advice.

I also have to learn PHP which is going to be a challenge given that I’m already short on time and doing a CCNA. Anyone got recommendations for PHP5 books or courses? My employer would like a number of us to learn at the same time, in a semi-organised way.

Oh yes and I’ve been ill for the last week. I was in a bad way Sunday and Monday, went in to work for a meeting feeling lousy on Tuesday but have been getting better since. My throat is still really sore and my chest is heavy, I haven’t smoked since I’ve been ill and I’m having sleepless nights. Hopefully I’ll be properly recovered soon.

That’s all for now, no doubt I will think of more stuff to write after hitting submit and will then take another 6 weeks to write them out. Hope you’re all well you kerrazy kidz.

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  1. Cheers Man 🙂

    No way can’t believe that,if you could sendme the address it’d be magic. Jesus it’s a small world ! Or rather Google makes it so 😉

    BTW Edgy is supposodly not edgy enough for some folk… for my Vaio it’s too bloody edgy. Hope you’ve had better luck !

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