Moving House

OK it is about as official as it is going to get. I’m moving into my own place. For me it’s the third time I’ve moved into my own place, hopefully this time I won’t have to move back in with my parents again – it’s so expensive to live on your own these days.

All this means I’m shit outta time and money. I’ve been paying the obligatory IKEA tax, went twice in 2 days (they closed before we could get everything we went for…) Also blew a fortune in ASDA and still have to get a TV, some glasses, a bin, bath towels and a cheesegrater. Also on the desire list are somewhere to hang coats, somewhere to put shoes, a garlic press, a kitchen table and chairs and a variety of other non essentials but these can wait. What we want most of all is a shower but this presents a problem. The house is old, the walls aren’t straight and aren’t tiled, the bath isn’t fixed to the wall and so on. Looks like baths for a while then.

What this also means is that we will be having a house warming party. I move in on the 28th assuming there are no hitches which is a Saturday night, 2 days after my 29th birthday and 3 days before Hallowe’en. It makes sense to have the party then. Being house proud as I am, it also makes sense to do the untidy bit while the house is untidy.

As for being poor and out of time this means that if you want me to go out for a few beers it’s unlikely to happen in the next month and in fact if you knew how much my rent was going to be it may probably not happen for a good few months. Also if you want me to do anything that isn’t already on my agenda then you’re probably going to have to sit at the back of the queue. You could of course bring the mountain to Mohammed and pay me for looking at it 🙂 (That one goes to the ever growing list of people who have covered their Windows boxes in spyware and adware and want me to reinstall them for you).

While we’re talking about time, where does it all go? I get up at 7, I do not pass Go and I do not collect £200, I get to work for 9, I get home at 6, I’ve eaten by 7 or half past, even when I’m not out doing something (4 out of 5 weekdays) I do life organising stuff for about 2 or 3 hours and that’s it. Time to get my stuff ready for work and go to bed. Now remember, I’ve been a musician and a student for the last 11 years or so, I’ve never done the 9 to 5 thing regularly before. Frequently I make it to bed an hour later than I should have done and end up wiped out in the morning. How do you people do it?

On Saturday Jeff Waugh of Ubuntu Linux is coming to visit Wolverhampton Linux User Group, of which I am a participant, on his world tour. That should be great fun.